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Save up to 75% off on all FDA approved drugs for your pets!

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The FREE PetsRxCard can be used for any prescription from your veterinarian. Like me, you are used to the Vet conveniently filling all your pet’s prescriptions right there in the office.

Although convenient, I have found that I’m often paying more than 2x what I needed to!

Now I request written prescriptions (the Vet must provide these on request) and I have them filled at my pharmacy with my FREE PetsRxCard – at big savings!


Last week, a friend of mine had to get several medications for his Golden Retriever, Cooper. He needed four pet prescriptions that could have been purchased at a local pharmacy with his FREE PetsRxCard for less than half of what he paid at the vet. He will never WASTE his money again.

FREE PetsRxCard works immediately at over 59,000 participating pharmacies, nationwide or if I can wait I use mail-order and save even more money.


Print out a FREE PetsRxCard for your pet and use it today just like any discount coupon. It’s good for new or maintenance prescriptions – just bring it to your regular pharmacy or locate a nearby pharmacy with our pharmacy locator. Remember, it saves you money, the same as for your family’s prescriptions. At PetsRxCard we understand that your precious pet is part of the family!


 PET OWNERS:Save up to 75% off on all FDA approved drugs for your pets!

PLUS: Save up to 50% on your over the counter pet healthcare supplies!

Following is a list of some of the most popular pet prescriptions you can buy right now at a discount using PetsRxCard at your local pharmacy. If your pet’s prescription drug is not listed, call or visit one or more local pharmacies to check on pricing, just provide your Group# PRX01 and BIN# 008878 that is on your card.


Alprazolam Amitriptyline Amlodipine
Atenolol Azathioprine Benazepril
Cephalexin Diazepam Dorzolamide
Doxycycline Enalapril Fludrocortisone
Fluoxetine Flurbiprofen Furosemide
Gabapentin Humulin N Insulin
Ketoconazole Lactulose Lantus
Meloxicam Methimazole Metronidazole
Mirtazapine Neo/Poly/Dex Sus Phenobarbital
Prednisolone Prednisone Spironolactone
Theophylline Timolol Tramadol
Tussigon Xalatan


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