Pet Care Plans Are the 2nd Most Important Benefit to Your Employees

The 2013 National Pet Owners Survey reported that sixty-three percent of U.S. households own a pet. This means that more than half of your employees are responsible for caring for at least one pet, with no financial relief.


Because Pets Are Family, Too!

Pets are considered family. Employers today are recognizing the importance of pets to their employees, and how caring for them can be financially overwhelming. Offering PetsRxCard significantly reduces the expenses associated with all pet-related services.


What are the FREE benefits to your employees?

Up to 75% savings on your employee’s pet prescriptions

25% savings on all veterinary medical care           
10% to 50% savings on pet products, supplies, and services

24-hour Lost Pet Location & Recovery Service

Any type of pet – Absolutely No Exclusions

No claim forms or waiting for reimbursements

Savings are instant at time of service or purchase


Human Resources

As companies strive to control the costs of their benefits packages, employers are seeking new ways to attract and retain quality employees, without adding expense. Over sixty percent of all U.S. households own a pet. That means more than half of your employees are responsible for caring for at least one “extended family member.” The FREE PetsRxCard provides significant valued benefits to your employees without your  incurring ANY additional costs. Show your valued employees that you care and enhance your success at No Cost!


Set your company apart from other employers.

PetsRxCard is a unique inclusion to an existing benefits package. Offering this pet care plan distinguishes a company from others in the employer marketplace. It is an innovative, FREE benefit, which appeals to a wide range of employees. Implementation is simple, and a snap for employees to use!

Our goal is to assist with the challenges of reducing employee turn-over rates, reducing absenteeism, increasing loyalty and productivity, and putting companies in a position which makes them superior in their employee’s eyes.

PetsRxCard has the most comprehensive provider network of its kind in the U.S.

Companies of all sizes may offer PetsRxCard to their employees. The program is widely acclaimed by CEO’s, HR Execs, Benefits Consultants and Work-Life Advocates. Setting the new benchmark in employee benefit solutions, PetsRxCard gives you an appealing program to offer your employees and their extended family members with minimal effort and absolutely No-Cost..

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