HealthCard4Free Pet-Owner Benefits

Now that you have taken care of your pets – doesn’t your
family deserve to save money on their Healthcare? 



Go to and get your discount prescription, dental, vision & hearing card that provides up to 75% savings for your entire family.

All at No Cost! 










The advantages of HealthCard4Free

  • Everyone is eligible to SAVE up to 75% on most dental, vision & hearing procedures, with biggest savings on major treatment such as Implants, root canals & dentures


  • All drugs are discounted – including drugs not covered in health plans.


  • HealthCard4Free will NEVER interfere with your existing insurance …This is NOT insurance & there are no costs or fees associated with the card. 


  • No paperwork, no health, age, or income restrictions, no limits on usage,  pre-existing conditions.


  • Accepted everywhere in US: More than 200,000 participating providers & pharmacies throughout America — great for Travel & College kids!














PetsRxCard & HealthCard4Free are public-spirited family businesses, distributing a No Cost discount health card, valued at over $400, yet FREE to everyone in America in an effort to deliver a better quality of life.



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PetsRxCard - now!

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