How can my Business save money?

EMPLOYERS: Do you want to SAVE over $1,000 on every employee?

✔   Unbundle your health insurance plan & use HealthCard4Free benefits to offset costly coverage.
Save $500 – $1,000 on each employee for prescription coverage alone! Plus you get FREE Dental.


✔   Insurance & Healthcare regulations are changing – Protect your bottom line with our FREE coverage –
why pay high Insurance costs when you can enhance your existing benefits at No Cost.


✔   The HealthCard4Free Program will NEVER interfere with your existing Insurance;
instead it works by coordinating your benefits to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.


✔   HealthCard4Free provides exceptional prescription, dental, vision and hearing discounts for FREE –
no pre-existing exclusions, everyone is accepted (even your parents) and it includes Pet prescriptions


✔   Find out how this FREE Benefit Saves You Money = just call 631-584-8065


CALL NOW & save $1,000’s on your employee’s healthcare costs! 


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