General Questions

Isn't this offer too good to be true?
Although it seems too good to be true because it’s FREE – you can save your family $1,000’s on your necessary healthcare. There are no hidden catches or devious plots. Just sign-up with ONLY your name and email address and begin saving money immediately. Remember – since it cost’s nothing – you risk nothing — SIGN UP NOW — you’ll LOVE it!


How can I get such a great discount for FREE?
All The Insurance Companies Get Big Discounts – Why shouldn’t YOU? You probably know that insurance companies automatically pay doctors a substantially discounted rate. Why do they get a discount and you pay full-price? It doesn’t make sense and you don’t have to anymore. When you become a PetsRxCard holder you will be able to share in the discounted buying power on your prescription drugs and your costs that our millions of combined members give us. We have literally leveled the playing field when it comes to saving money.


OK – but how can a program this good be Free?
We’ve all been taught that nothing is free and that we should be skeptical of anything that sounds too good to be true. However, the PetsRxCard Discount Healthcare Program is a rare exception to both of these concerns.

We are able to provide these discounts by taking your typical discount prescription card and enhancing it with wonderful additional free benefits. Our result is PetsRxCard, a public-spirited family business, distributing a No Cost discount veterinary services, pet supplies, valued at over $400, yet FREE to everyone in America in an effort to deliver a better quality of life. We, at PetsRxCard are thrilled to be able to provide a fantastic opportunity that fills a critical need in our society. The concept is simple – providers are tired of being drastically underpaid by insurance companies while being required to spend hours filling out paperwork. In the very best tradition of our free enterprise system, The PetsRxCard network managers have used the combined purchasing power of all of our cardholders to negotiate substantial discounts for you while significantly decreasing the wasted time dealing with insurance company rules and requirements.

The limited funding that is provided to pay for the administration and marketing of this program will be covered by the prescription benefit managers and will NOT increase the price that cardholders pay for their prescriptions. Sign-up now and enjoy tremendous savings on your prescription drug, veterinary and pet supply costs TODAY!


Is this an insurance plan?
No, this is not an insurance plan. These plans provide you with discounted prices on a wide range of prescription drugs and services; you will only pay for services at the discounted price at the time services or prescriptions are received.


Are there any age restrictions?
No, the PetsRxCard is FREE to pets of ALL ages, shapes, sizes or species.


Who is eligible?
Everyone can use the card. Since our program is not insurance, there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions. Everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions, income or age, is eligible, including ALL your pets.


Can I get additional cards and refer other people so they can save money too?
ABSOLUTELY – we want everyone in America to save money, especially your parents and other Seniors that often have a hard time paying for their pet’s necessary healthcare. In fact – by getting more people involved in the PetsRxCard Discount program, you will be helping us create better buying power and lower prices for everyone!


Can I use my membership when I travel away from home?
Yes, your membership can be used at any participating pharmacy or provider in the United States.


What should I say when I call a provider to make sure they participate?
The providers will recognize the name of the network with which they participate, so when you call, it is important to use the name of the correct network.







VETERINARIANS – call (800) 931-8872 tell them you have PetsRxCard and everything will be worked out in less than 5 minutes.
PET SUPPLIES – call (800) 931-8872 tell them you have PetsRxCard and everything will be worked out in less than 5 minutes.
LOST PET SERVICES- call (800) 931-8872 tell them you have PetsRxCard and everything will be worked out in less than 5 minutes.
DENTAL – DenteMax Dental








VISION – Outlook Benefit

Outlook Benefit-Logo








HEARING – Newport Audiology

Newport Audiology-Logo





If your Dentist, Vision or Hearing Specialist has any questions he/she can call the HealthCard4Free HELP LINE at (800) 931-8872.


I already have pet insurance. Will this plan still save me money?

Yes, many of our members use their plan in conjunction with their current insurance to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses on their necessary costs. Please consult with your participating provider to verify they can coordinate a discount plan with your current insurance before beginning treatment.


Once I select a provider, am I assigned to that provider? How often can I change providers?
Another great feature of both the PetsRxCard and HealthCard4Free discount plans is your ability to select any provider from the network. You can change providers at any time, and household members can select their own providers. Check online for help finding participating providers.

Pharmacy Questions

How does this program work for Pets?
When your Veterinarian prescribes medicine for your pet – REQUEST written prescriptions (the Vet must provide these). PetsRxCard will provide substantial savings off the retail prices on virtually ALL your pet’s prescriptions. Present your pet’s prescription along with your card to the pharmacist. If you have any questions call the PHARMACY HELP LINE at (800) 931-8872.


How does the FREE discount card work with Pharmacies?
Present your card and prescription to any participating pharmacy. All the required information is already pre-printed on your card. There are no claim forms to fill out and no limits to the number of times you and your family can use the card. PetsRxCard contracts with the pharmacies through its Prescription Benefits Manager (PBM). Your pharmacy has already agreed to provide the discounted rates that are applicable to any person presenting our PetsRxCard Discount Prescription card. If the pharmacist has any questions he/she can call the PHARMACY HELP LINE at (800) 931-8872.


Will I always save money with my PetsRxCardDiscount Prescription card?
YES– Your Pharmacist should provide you with the cost of each prescription drug using every discount available so that you always receive the LOWEST price on each and every prescription purchase. On most prescriptions – the PetsRxCard discount will provide the greatest savings. Remember that the PetsRxCard MAIL-ORDER will provide even greater savings especially with maintenance drugs.


Will PetsRxCard Discount Prescription card help individuals with traditional PET insurance?
Even if your current insurance plan covers prescriptions, not all drugs are covered, or you may not save very much. When you print your FREE PetsRxCard Discount Prescription card you will get substantial savings off the retail price of prescription drugs. Once your Pharmacy has your PetsRxCard Discount Prescription card on file – You will receive the LOWEST price available on each and every prescription purchase.


Will PetsRxCard Discount Prescription card help individuals on Medicare?
PetsRxCard Discount Prescription card will help individuals on Medicare pay for their PET’s drugs and can be used by the Medicare recipient’s to lower their costs while in the “donut hole”.


What prescription medications are covered under PetsRxCard Discount Prescription card?
All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered for your family & pets.



FREE PetsRxCard Discount Veterinary Services

What are PetsRxCard Free Pet Benefits?

PetsRxCard provides up to 75% discounts on your Pet’s prescriptions.
You will receive these amazing savings immediately when you download a card at the bottom of the page!

PetsRxCard has a Veterinary Discount Plan – Thousands of participating veterinarians across America will reduce their medical service prices by 25%, no questions asked!

You also receive:
5%-35% savings on Pet Supplies and Services from participating online merchants.
FREE Lost Pet Recovery Service.


How do I get my FREE PetsRxCard Pet Benefits and Veterinarian discounts?

PetsRxCard provides up to 75% discounts on your Pet’s prescriptions.
You will receive these amazing savings immediately when you download a card at the bottom of the page!

For additional Pet Benefits
•   Call 1-800-931-8872 to find a participating veterinarian near your house.
•   Tell them you have a PetsRxCard and give them your “Member ID # and you will receive these additional FREE Benefits:


  • 1. Discount Veterinary Services
  • 2. Lost Pet Recovery
  • 3. Pet Supply Discounts

•   You will receive an additional FREE Pet Discount Card {valued at ~$149 / year}

For additional information – go to our “DISCOUNT VETERINARY SERVICES” page.


Why is PetsRxCard only a 25% savings when pet insurance claims 70%-90% coverage?

While pet insurance seems attractive with their high coverage numbers, the facts are very different. A typical policy only pays about 40% of a pet’s annual medical bills. The rest gets wiped away by deductibles and fine print. Did you know that pet insurance policies exclude an average of more than 200 conditions/procedures!

PetsRxCard is FREE, has NO deductibles and because there are NO exclusions, you get a guaranteed savings of 25% each and every visit. You actually save more than insurance on regular veterinary care!


Can I use PetsRxCard together with pet insurance?

Yes! Since regular pet insurance costs more than it saves for general vet usage, it is really just protection for major medical claims. If you plan to purchase or have already purchased a pet insurance policy for that reason, you should certainly consider using our free PetsRxCard discount plan as well. Here are a few ways you can save with PetsRxCard – even with pet insurance:

    • Initial payment – Pet insurance requires that you pay the vet in full and then file a claim, which can be a financial strain. If you have a PetsRxCard, you will instantly save 25% off your initial payment, and then you simply submit the amount paid after the PetsRxCard discount to your pet insurance company.


    • Deductible – Since pet insurance has deductibles between $100 and $1,000 per year, you would be required to pay all your vet bills before the deductible is met. If you have PetsRxCard, you can save 25% on all those bills as well.


  • Denied claims – Because pet insurance has hundreds of exclusions, there will be many claims that they will reject. With PetsRxCard, you will save 25% on those claims as well.


What is discounted with the veterinary discount plan? What is not discounted?

Participating PetsRxCard veterinary practices provide a 25% savings on ALL medical care provided in the office. This includes the office visit, exam, shots, surgery, x-rays and any other procedures the vet does. REMEMBER TO REQUEST WRITTEN PRESCRIPTIONS – YOU WILL NOT SAVE MONEY IF THE VETERINARIAN PROVIDES THE MEDICATIONS!
The veterinary practice is not required to provide a discount on products you are sent home with such as medications, food, flea or heartworm preventatives, non-medical boarding and grooming, any outside services such as lab work or outside specialists or anything already discounted. Note: Mobile veterinary practices may not provide a discount on mileage fees.


What are the exclusions?

There are none!
With PetsRxCard, you can enroll any pet – any breed, any age, and in any health condition. You can even enroll pets with pre-existing and hereditary conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, hip dysplasia, kennel cough, patellar luxation, etc.


Where can I receive the PetsRxCard discount?

Thousands of participating veterinarians nationwide honor the PetsRxCard discount card. Call 1-800-931-8872 to find a participating veterinarian near you. You will also receive discounts on pet related products at participating merchants. For additional information – go to our “DISCOUNT VETERINARY SERVICES” page.


How long after I enroll can I start using my Free PetsRxCard?

Immediately! When you sign-up on our website, you will immediately receive your free activated discount card. This card can be used immediately!


How does the lost pet recovery service work?

The lost pet recovery service is provided free of charge to all PetsRxCard members. You receive a super-lightweight collar ID tag for each dog and cat you enroll with PetsRxCard. The unique laser-inscribed number on each tag is tied to our database and our Lost Pet Recovery service helps bring your pet home in case they ever stray away. When someone finds your pet, all they have to do is call our toll-free number at any hour of day or night. Our operators go right to work. They call your home, your work, your cell phone, and every emergency contact you provided, until they find someone that knows your pet. Our service has reunited thousands of pets with their owners.

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